The use of molasses in ruminant nutrition began with the aim of improving the palatability of the feed and minimizing feed selection.

In the last few decades it has been found that sugar, in addition to the well-known energetic nutritional value, has specific advantages for the functionality and efficiency of the rumen.

Scientific research in recent years has shown that liquid feeds, which combine diversified sugars, soluble proteins and organic acids, help to improve fiber digestibility significantly more than their individual components in separate administration.


At ED&F Man we pride ourselves on having many different co-products from the food industry (Sugar, yeast, starch) to utilize which unique benefits in ruminant nutrition can bring.

Wear by increasing fiber digestibility and global animal performance our liquid feed to better upgrade the primary agricultural Resources that are used in animal feed.


As specialists in liquid feed, we strive to optimize your performance through precise liquid feeding concepts.

That is why the ED&F Man Group is continuously involved in scientific research programs in cooperation with universities and research centers. With these programs, the ED&F Man Group has gained outstanding knowledge in the field of liquid feed.

We apply this scientific knowledge every day to create fluid solutions that are innovative and with proven effectiveness for our customers.


In our modern and high-precision liquid feed system we are able to Mature liquid feed with a wide range of liquid raw materials and additives.


Our entire supply chain is subject to strictly controlled logistics and quality control procedures. Our main goal is to guarantee our customers the safest feed products with consistently high quality.

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